Please note that VCAN only take responsibility for payment to following bank account, please check carefully before any payment you are going to transfer.

TT Bank Transfer


Account Number 801 318866 838
Beneficiary VCAN Group Ltd
Bank name HSBC HongKong
HK Bank Code 004
Company Address Bantian, Shenzhen, China
Bank Address No.1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

*HSBC=The HongKong and ShangHai Banking Corporation LTD

Western Union

VCAN_Westernunion First name: JianPing
Last name: Peng
City: Shenzhen Country: China

Learn How to send money by western union on line?


Paypal Express by paypal account, credit card or debt card.


paypal-logo Vcan account: vcan_paypal_account

Please make sure your shipping address at paypal is correct. We will send cargo to your address listed in the Paypal payment.
Paypal is only for sample order.

Pay now by paypal to VCAN.

No paypal account, I want to pay by credit or debt card

Need support?

We also support the payment to China inland bank if you need.