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Finland DVB-T2 News, Finland will adopted DVB-T2

Finland DVB-T2 News Finland will adopted DVB-T2 before 2020. A war of words has broken out between YLE and DNA over Finland’s transition to terrestrial HD broadcasting. The public broadcaster says the transmission company’s appeal to the Market Court means the transmission company has compromised its position. According to YLE the cost to households is […]

DVB-t2 upgrade software firmware for DVB-T265 from OSD menu

Please try to upgrade new firmware to check again. Unzip the attached firmware. Copy to a USB stick. (no other file) Choose software upgrade from the OSD menu. During the upgrade, please keep the power on until the upgrade ok. Otherwise, the firmware will lose and can not power on again. After upgrade, please auto […]

Czech DVB-T2 news: Czech public broadcaster begins transition to DVB-T2 and HEVC

Czech DVB-T2 Czech DVB-T2 public broadcaster Ceská Televize is to begin transmitting its signal in the DVB-T2 format from tomorrow, the first major step in the country’s transition to the advanced version of the digital-terrestrial broadcast standard. The broadcaster will simulcast all signals in DVB-T for at least a year, after which it plans to […]

Germany TV news: DVB-T2 migration gives big boost to German set-top sales

Germany TV news Germany tv has migrated from the DVB-T digital-terrestrial TV standard to the more modern DVB-T2 format provided a bonanza for set-top box sales in the first half of this year, according to the latest figures released by consumer electronics industry association the GFU. According to the outfit’s Hemix home electronics market index […]

DVB-T2 keywords

DVB-T2 Keyword dvb t2 dvb t dvb t2 hd dvb t2 receiver dvb t2 antenne dvb t receiver dvb t 2 dvb t antenne dvb t2 fernseher dvb t2 hd receiver dvb t2 hd fernseher dvb t hd fernseher mit dvb t2 fernseher dvb t2 dvb t2 empfangen tv dvb t2 dvb t2 box dvb […]

DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 compare

DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 Compare DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 parameter is listed for your references, How to choose car dvb-t2, how to buy car tv? Here is some suggestion for you. Tuner Antenna Dolby Chip Antenna Power TV Standard Multi PLP DVB-T24 4 4 Yes Israel Siano 3.3V DVB-T2 only Yes DVB-T22 2 2 No Israel Siano […]

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